Kuda Oya 2k15

It’s a privilege to be able to pour out one’s thoughts about an interesting event so let me exploit my selfishness a bit. What is better is that each time becomes better than the last. Kuda Oya camp project doesn’t seem to get old by the number of times it had been held. Whether we have got the hang of your kind of taste or whether Kuda Oya itself is playing the trick is a hard question to answer. May be you shall find the answers at the end of this article.

Kuda Oya – a briefing

The Commandos Regiment Training School in Uva Kuda Oya is a renowned training institution for the grooming of highly skilled, untiring, brave and determined commandos for the nation. Even the hardest and the gravest of the final battles of the humanitarian operation were thoroughly contributed by the commandos. Looking back at the thought of having had done at least a few of what they do should send some chills down your spines right now.


For a period as short as two days, precisely 36 hours, the experience we got was exuberant. On the one hand we were left speechless by their discipline, organization and skills while on the other hand by our own fellow mates testing their adrenaline levels and pro cooks setting their hearts and souls on fire as they made the best dishes of mango, fish, ash plantains, breadfruit and the softest ever kiriala.

To be honest….

To be honest, gaining insights through effortless telepathy into the minds of everyone who came, may I guarantee that everybody was secretly proud about themselves and also that their respect for the brave soldiers of our country was growing through out our stay.

No spoilers

On a collective agreement, we are determined not to leave any spoilers for anybody who hasn’t been to a training at the camp before. It’s hard to fight the urge to tell every single dare we went through  but genuinely speaking, Kuda Oya has more to experience than to just talk about. Thus we shall leave room for you to take a sip of the soup and see for yourself rather than telling whether it’s bitter or sweet beforehand.

So the nick names that sprung up, selfies you took with your friends while they were randomly falling asleep on board the bus – savour them. One day, they will be the memories that fill you and also what would become the best of the blackmail material 😉

Keep up your hopes and we shall do this again ~ until next time then  ❤

Article by Rtr. T Wijekoon

The editor.










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