What makes Rotaract tick?

The millennial generation and the gen Z are going to be the game changers if they don’t do anything about what surrounds them and the society they live in, which will drastically affect the generations to come.  Research has shown that when many of those that belong to this group join a corporate or become employees, one of the main points they consider to be a priority is a good work life balance and a good sustainable business that’s making a change. While this gave birth to the green consumer it also made many want to be an agent of change, whether it be in their business community or society. In today’s day and age Rotaract becomes that much more relevant to those in the age groups ranging from 18-30. Rotaract has not only strategically placed itself as a builder of communities worldwide but it has also become a builder of the youth of society. Embedding strong and positive attitudes and behavior in to the lives of the youth has always been a priority at Rotaract. But of course, you already knew that.

When speaking of Rotaract, most people often than not think “charity” but as the age old saying goes “the more you give the more you get.” The Rotaract club of KDU is not just about giving to society through various project aimed at Social welfare. We take Rotaract to newer heights. From paving the way to allow our members to mix and mingle with people from not only our club but also from all Rotaract clubs around Sri Lanka, to team and personality building activities and events such as hiking, camping and simple things like fun games at the end of each weekly meeting. When we ask our new member the question as to why they want to join Rotaract the majority of them say ‘”because I love to help people who need help.” While this is the main focus of our club or any club of Rotaract for that matter, we believe in giving back to our members by helping them mold themselves into better, stronger more motivated, inspirited and driven individuals.

Seeing is believing. If you’re reading this article and wondering if any of this is true take a look for yourself and experience the true spirit of Rotaract at our next general meeting. Get in touch with any of our club members. It wouldn’t be too hard to find them. Keep an eye out for the most motivated, inspirited and driven individuals in and around KDU!!


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