The best is yet to come.

A birthday is a time to reflect on a year gone by but it is more importantly a time, to set goals for the upcoming year.

On the 16th of September 2016, as we celebrated the 4th birthday of our beloved club in the usual goofy style which is only unique to us, we set up new goals for ourselves to conquer & made a game plan for success. Although age wise we may, still be considered young & somewhat inexperienced; we are anything but that, because it is not our age that defines our achievements but rather its the efforts we have put in that have paid off, proudly shown by & that will continue to be showing the growth of our club.

Serving the community is our primary endeavour but we also value the growth of our members as individuals. The ability & opportunities that present themselves to help in that growth, are more than abundant within the club. Helping these amazing, vibrant individuals grow, develop their skills & have new experiences that help them to view the world through a broad perspective, while hanging on to their morals & ethical codes, is something in our opinion, that will better prepare them to serve the community. As it is said, the significance of a man or woman is not what he or she attains but rather of what he or she longs to attain.

As the clichéd saying goes, ‘United we Stand, Divided we Fall’, this saying is in fact very applicable to our club. When it comes to achieving goals, we need the support of each other to reach these goals & not just that, goal crushing becomes so much more enjoyable when it is done with a bunch of close friends. Friends, who have in time become as close as family.

So as our fourth club installation draws nearer, just six days away, we plan to achieve greater heights & raise the KDU flag to new horizons with the help of our ever talented & hardworking executive committee members, uniquely skilled board members & not forgetting our ever expanding number of dedicated club members. We promise to achieve our set goals to the best of our abilities while helping our people and society grow stronger.

We here at KDU Rotaract believe, that whatever with the past has gone & the best is always yet to come. Happy Birthday to Us & may we dare to dream & take a risk to achieve the impossible!

Risk | Care | Dream | Achieve


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