Caroling for a cause -Evening Tea Party at The Pamunugama Orphanage.

“Caroling for a Cause 2015” was an initiative of RCKDU to raise funds in order to provide essentials to the children of the inmates at the Walikada prison. Having completed the prison project successfully, Rotaractors of KDU decided on having “Caroling for a Cause 2016” for the second consecutive time in order to provide essentials for orphans at the Pamunugama Child Development Centre.
The 28th of February 2017 was a much anticipated day for the young Rotaractors of KDU. It was precisely 2 months prior to this date that the enthusiastic Rotaractors put on their Santa hats and set off caroling from door to door to collect funds for the Pamunugama Child Development Centre.
The Rotaractors arrived at the Child Development Centre on a beautiful Sunday evening, and were met by 52 eager, smiling, hopeful girls, who called this Child Development Centre their home.
The funds collected through “caroling for a cause 2016” enabled us to provide dry rations, sanitary necessitates, as well as ceiling fans to the center. The highlight of the event was when the girls found out that an evening tea party and sing along was a part that evenings agenda.
In order to better acquaint ourselves with our new found friends, we spent time playing games and chatting in the garden, which we enjoyed immensely! Later that evening, they sat in eagerness until the tea party began, and feasted on cakes and savories and a nice hot cup of tea that they enjoyed thoroughly. The sing along session was an even bigger success, as the girls fought for an opportunity to sing their favorite song and entertain the audience present that day. It truly was a blissful evening full of smiles as the girls of the Pamunugama Child Development Centre thanked us profoundly for spending our Sunday evening with them, when in fact it was us who should thank them for the wonderful entertainment and fun shared with us!


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