Project C.U.R.E BnS Up-Close and Personal Concert

The Musical Concert led by Bathiya and Santhush was the first time in which a Rotaract Club of District 3220 organized such an event as the “BnS- Up-close and Personal concert.” The concert which took place on the 3rd of May 2017 at the BMICH.
A warm night breeze hung thick over Colombo that night. Despite the heat and the fatigue that comes with it after a tiring day of work and university lectures, hundreds of people both young and old scurried into the hall eager for the show to begin. They came anticipating an evening of fine music and entertainment. This was the Big Concert: the phase 2 of the project C.U.R.E.
The evening brought big news too: the Rotaractors of KDU were ecstatic to find out five minutes before the show that they were left with a mere 20 tickets to sell! The members had worked tirelessly for months on end to ensure that the funds necessary to complete the project C.U.R.E would be collected, and there hard was duly rewarded. It was just a matter of sitting backstage, relaxing and enjoying the show.
Bathiya and Santhush need no special introduction. The reaction of the crowd when the curtains were drawn spoke volumes on how successful the concert would be. From beginning to end the audience sang along to the songs of old and new, while the audience in the balcony wasted no time sitting as they danced along to the tunes and beats that were all too familiar. The energy resonating throughout the concert was truly spectacular and was felt immensely by the performers on stage who couldn’t help but notice what a great time the crowd was having.
Randhir, Umariya, Bathiya, Santhush and Ashanthi lit up the stage with their lively performances and talent, bringing on an encore at the end of each and every song, keeping the audience on their feet dancing the night away.
The concert was a success and needless to say it ended up carrying on for an additional half hour as the artists couldn’t get enough of the vibrant audience.
The B n S concert which was organized as a “vision to action” initiative in order to raise funds for the Thalassemia project C.U.R.E has been one of the biggest and most successful fundraiser organized by the Rotaract Club of KDU.

Article by Co Editor Rtr.Shenelle Perera.


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