The Grand Slam 🤛🏽

A Clean Up Campaign organized by the Rotaract Club of General Sir John Kotelawela Defense University supporting the Rotaract District Initiative, “Let’s Start with Us”, was held on the 5th of August 2017, covering the university perimeter & its surrounding neighborhood. The campaign conducted was more about helping wipe out Dengue, which has bared it ugly face recently, proving to be a huge epidemic in the country than just about cleaning up. “The Grand Slam”, was initiated as a step to help eradicate the fatal disease & to demonstrate that even the smallest of actions could result in the greatest reaction. 
All the action thus started at 10 am in the university premises. Our Secretary, Rtr. Ranishka, initiated a 2 minutes silence in memory of the lives lost to Dengue & was followed by Dr. Ellawala who addressed the gathering with the agenda for the day; elaborating on how the teams should be divided, how the garbage should be disposed & how many teams per lane should be allocated. With the assistance of health workers & the health inspector, Mr. Caldera, ten groups of three, were sent from door to door, examining houses. Each group was guided carefully with the assistance of a health worker. 
A PR campaign was then dispatched to explain to the house owners, how dengue can breed, effects of dengue & how it can be prevented. Accordingly leaflets on the disease & its prevention were distributed by both health workers & the PR team.

Ten groups of six, a mix of Cadets & Day-Scholars, started from 1st Lane to 7th Lane between Kandawala Road to Borupana Road. While the other started from the top of Borupana Road, everyone literally getting down & dirty, jumping down into drains & beating around overgrown weeds. 

After a much productive morning, the time arrived for the lunch break, where refreshments for the tired were distributed. Special thanks goes out to KDU & everyone who made snacks for the generous contributions.

The project carried on as planned after lunch, even among the gloomy skies looming overhead didn’t stop our enthusiastic members & helpers from working. As the rain started to fall it was almost like showers from above because neither did anyone complain nor did the work stop.

With the assistance of the Municipal Council of Mount, garbage was disposed into the trucks, rest assured not to leave any behind. The campaign came to a successful end as we watched each other actively engage, cooperate & work hand-in-hand to achieve a greater cause with determination & splendid team work. 

The success of the campaign would not have been possible if not for the assistance rendered to the club by the Ministry of Health, Municipal Council of Mount, Sri Lanka Police & KDU themselves. We take the opportunity to thank everyone who took time off of their Saturday in & joined in helping us to clear out a Dengue prone area, contributing to the protection of the public.

Link for more photos of a very productive & fun filled day:

Article by Co- Editor, Rtr. Vibodha Rathnayake