The interactive gaming competition organized by the Rotaract Club of General Sir John Kotelawala Defense University came into play on the 21st of August 2017. It was open to all cadets & day-scholars alike, from inside the university who participated with eager enthusiasm. The game of choice was the very popular video gaming franchise, Call of Duty.

From day one onwards, there was an active crowd who had come to observe & cheer on the teams participating. The energy was clearly palpable as the people filed in to the IT lab where all the necessary preparations had taken place. Many had just come after lectures, some had taken some time off to practice & get their game face on while others had taken time off internships, such as our team from Intake 31, to come participate.

The proceedings were started off by our president, Rtr. Ravindu, welcoming the teams & introducing the chairpersons for the event. Then, Rtr. Malisha, one of the chairpersons, explained the rules of the game, how the point system will work & how the competition will carry on generally. Thereby, games on the first two days were carried out in the League format & on the last day it was in the Knockout style. There were 14 teams registered & waiting to prove themselves worthy & claim the cash prizes. The teams were divided into 4 groups such as Group A, B, C & D to make it so that the score-keepers can do their job easily. Further each team had 5 members. 

Day one, the teams from Group A & B battled it out to get their team into the quarter finals. While being intense, there were a few glitches that were faced by the organizers because of having to accommodate many laptops into one server but it all worked out in the end. The games started at 4.00 pm & carried on late into the evening. The IT lab was packed with many spectators, shouting out cheers every time a round was won & the battlecries of the players who kept screaming out strategies to their teammates. Despite having played their best, only 4 were able get into the quarter finals from both groups collectively amidst which our would be winners were present. Day one ended in a success.

Day two, teams from Group C & D went at each other with a much more intensity than day one. With twice as much spectators filling the IT lab, there was little to no space for anyone to move about. It was another intense day whereby although there were 2 less in the number of teams to play, there was still plenty of noise & many more spectators to cheer the teams on. It went on in the League style & even our chairpersons, Rtr. Hiran, Rtr. Gayeshan & Rtr. Malisha participated in their respective teams battling out each other in a style so focused, their faces, a mask of sheer determination, that no one dare disturbed them even with a cheer. Again the day ended with 4 teams from both groups collectively making it into the quarter finals. Another set of rounds successfully completed.

Day three, was a new day with new challenges for the organizers to ensure that the same teams did not fall into same categories to play against their previous opponents. The quarter finals were divided into 4 whereby 2 teams battled it out at a time. One significant entertaining game was in quarter final 2, by the team, Kandy Lamissiyo, whereby a teammate accidentally killed his own teammate, at least we hope it was accidental. It was also one of the most intense games whereby although one team seemed to be in the lead the opponent put up a play that was groundbreaking. Next the semifinals started, whereby it was divided into semifinal 1 & 2, which took place side by side: four teams became two.

After a small break, finally the most awaited round arrived: Finals. 2 talented teams had made it into the finals. One team was ‘Patta Noob’, an Intake 31 team & the other was a team that knew their way around well with computers, ‘No-One’ which consisted of our Intake 33 computer science tech-whizzes. The final round brought in many more spectators & the game finally commenced at 6.30 pm. The excitement & nerve-racking feeling of the respective supporters of each team could be felt clearly in the air & there was battle-music in the background to set the mood. At the end of the final round many people had bitten their nails off with the anticipation of which team will win since it was such a close call.

All the proceedings were brought to a close by our president Rtr. Ravindu giving the vote of thanks & handing over the stage to one of our vice-presidents, Cdt. Officer Rtr. Udeepa to announce the winners of the cash prizes for first place & second place. Second place was allocated to our tech-whizz team, ‘No-One’ & the winners of the competition was our expert team, ‘Patta Noob’ who were part of an international competition as well. Although the excitement of three days had come to an end, there was no calming down of the buzzing of the masses as they went their separate ways. 

Article by Co-Editor Rtr. Chayangi Kannangara 


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