Invigorate Your Mind 🧠

In today’s business oriented world, many of us are struggling to make our mark & stand out uniquely from others. We are constantly searching ways to develop ourselves & bring something different to the table & make a difference.

As part of the Professional Development project, Invigorate, initiated by the Rotaract Club of General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, we focused on the aspects of Wealth Management & Next Generation Leaders, in the existing competitive society & how we can keep up in this rat race.

For Phase I of the project, we invited Mr. Adnan Alavi, a past pupil of Trinity College, Kandy & a successful young entrepreneur who shared his experiences & gave us advice on how to manage your income & how to invest correctly. As young adults, he emphasised that some of us are just entering the business world & that when it comes to wealth management, it is important we do what is necessary to ensure the money we make & the investments we make are valuable & does indeed give back to us & the society. Certain people make useless investments that lose value over time & we should always be careful in the events of dealing with money. It was an interesting topic indeed with it being Valentines Day.

Phase II of the project, focused on Next Gen Leaders. As Mr. Azeem continuously pointed out, we are all next generation leaders. Currently in society, there are three generations present, Generations X, Y & Z. They are the ones present in the field working in various areas & due to the generation gap, there are sometimes problems & differences of ideas between them. A view that was presented to us was that with the developing technology & resources, the work ethic, method of work, all change depending on the current trend. To keep up with the current trend, individuals of the generations present must surpass the generation gap, utilize & put into use the important skills & assets presented by each individual. Furthermore, they should be willing & capable of engaging & moving along with the new trends which will help immensely in development. Thereby, he emphasised that we must always, strive to take a stand & show our good leadership qualities.

They were two fun & engaging sessions, where we got to learn new things & also had fun doing it. It was indeed engaging for our club members due to the discussion style & the fun games that we participated in.

As a university student who has no direct income but depends on her parents, I found the session of wealth management very important so as to how to avoid mistakes when utilising the allowance & how in the future to utilise & manage it. Furthermore, as part of Generation Z, it was important that we as the up & coming leaders, must possess good leadership qualities & lead the world to a better place. These two sessions I believe educated us & inspired us to do our best & become better individuals & leaders alike.

Article by Editor, Rtr. Chayangi Kannangara


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