An Adventure Awaits: Kuda Oya 2017 😎✨

The month of December is for resting & rejuvenating ourselves after a year of tirelessly engaging in our studies & various other activities. As for the young Rotaractors of KDU, December brought on challenges & the chance to push one’s limits by taking the most awaited trip to “KUDA OYA”.

The Commando Regiment Training School in Uva, Kuda Oya, is originally the home for brave Commandos of our country. It is where they are groomed to be skilled with extraordinary strength, fearlessness, courage & motivation to face any battle, bearing in mind that “Nothing is Impossible”. Although we may not have faced half the challenges they face in reality, it is something for us to brag about, to have undergone several daring training regimes they undergo.

Being my first experience at Kuda Oya, every step of the way was an adventure waiting to happen. It is a place to let go of the fear that limits your possibilities & embrace your hidden adventurous side. If you’re someone that lives for the unpredictable adventures that life offers, then this an experience you will thoroughly enjoy.

Even though I’m eager to share all the new experiences & fears I overcame at Kuda Oya, we’ve all agreed not to give out any spoilers for those who haven’t been a part of the program. Better to experience it all first hand by being a part of it, rather than hearing about it second hand. Its truly a one of a kind experience. I’m sure all those who participated had a lot to share with their family & friends.

Thanks to Kuda Oya, we Rotaractors have a whole lot of memories to cherish. Reminiscing about inside jokes, new friends made & old friends brought closer & a cheer to all of us for having conquered at least one fear we had.

So those who joined us on the adventure, we hope you had an amazing time & we believed & conquered. Until next time, keep in mind, ‘An Adventure Always Awaits You at Kuda Oya’.

Article by Editor, Rtr. Chayangi Kannangara


Sisu Saviya 2017: ‘Tis the Season of Giving ✨

All over the world, society is divided into the privileged & under privileged classes. In a country, where a caste system existed up until recently & in some parts of the country, still do up to date, this division is seen clearly. Education is a tool that ensures that despite our origins, there is a possibility of reaching greater heights. Knowledge is power & this particular power lets you overcome many obstacles in life. Many children cannot receive the basic education that is given freely to them due to either lack of supplies or other livelihood conditions, preventing them from receiving their education.

As part of our commitment to maintaining this tool & allowing greater access to many more young children, the Rotaract Club of General Sir John Kotelawala Defense University took up the task of supplying much needed stationary & also various other key necessities. As an annual project of the club, “Sisu Saviya” took up the initiative to distribute books, stationary, shoes & bags among the students from grades 1 to 11 of Mediwala Vijaya Vidyalaya, Boossa, Galle, with the aim of easing at least a small part of their burden.

The chairpersons for the Sisu Saviya project 2017 were Rtr. Harith Samarasinghe & Rtr. Senuri Gunetilleke. The young students of Mediwala Vijaya Vidyalaya were waiting eagerly, with a simple bouquet of anthurium flowers, to welcome us as we arrived on the morning of 06th of December 2017. Students from the smallest grade 1 child to the teenage grade 11s were neatly lined up in anticipation & many little inquisitive eyes followed us, as we unpacked box after box from the bus.

A warm welcome awaited us at the main hall which was decorated simply & filled on that day, with students as well as their parents. The members of the club were seated nervously on the stage, as we were unaccustomed to such honorable positions of seating. The program kickstarted with the recital of the traditional buddhist ‘gaatha’. The Principal of the school as well as the Vice Principal addressed the gathering & doused the student’s curiosity by affirming that we had indeed visited them to gift them with whatever it was that lay inside the boxes. Excited chatter echoed through the hall as the students stared longingly at the boxes, wondering what could be inside, especially the younger students. It was a humbling sight to see such contentment on their faces with such simple gifts. If only the whole world could be that content with the simple things in life.

Our project chairperson, Rtr. Harith, addressed the gathering & emphasized the importance of school life & its value, reminiscing about his own school memories. He also stressed that although school is primarily for gaining knowledge, it most certainly is not limited to that & the friends & memories that one makes during school stays with us for life. Next the president of the club, Rtr. Ravindu Jayakody,!addressing the gathering, especially the parents gathered, hoped, that what we had for them in those boxes would help ease the burden, at least in the slightest. He pointed out that we as children, must recognize the sacrifices made for us by our parents on our behalf. He also emphasized that we couldn’t have done it alone without the tremendous help given by students of the university & all the well wishers. The importance of education was emphasized & how it was necessary to move forward in life. Although there was some shuffling around, the attention was focused on our president & there was a clear eagerness to receive the goods that were brought. Subsequently the students eagerly lined up & gratefully accepted the neatly wrapped bundle of exercise books we handed out to them along with the schoolbags that were handed out to the younger grade students. After the delivering of the goods, a young grade 08 student, delivered the Vote of Thanks in Sinhala & was followed by another young boy who delivered the Vote of Thanks in English. It was a delight to see, that they have shown a keen interest in developing & being well versed in both our mother tongue & the secondary link language.

The project Sisu Saviya, was different from the rest of the projects done by the Club, due to the fact that it helped open our eyes. I believe it helped put in perspective exactly how privileged & lucky we are. Through Rotaract I believe I have learned many valuable lessons, but this by far has been an eye opener to the hardships faced in life & how sometimes, we do complain for things that may not be so relevant. We often measure our happiness by the material things we may or may not have such as the latest smartphone or fashion wardrobe, but there are those who simply long the necessities in life.

We must always keep in mind there are those who are longing for the simplest of pleasures in life, those fortunes we take for granted. Imagine a turn of events, where you are left longing for a new book for the new year or a pair of shoes…

Article by Editor, Rtr. Chayangi Kannangara

5th Installation of Rotaract Club of KDU

Behind the bright faces of the rotaractors, were the members who anxiously anticipated the outcome of their hard work.

The Installation Ceremony of President Rtr. Ravindu Jayakody & his Board of Directors of the Rotaract Club of General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University for the term 2017/18 was held on the 17th of October from 6.30 pm onwards at the General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University Auditorium.

Despite having to change the date many times, the Board to-be along with the club members ran around in haste arranging & re-arranging. The 5th Installation Ceremony of the Rotaract Club of General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, essentially setting the platform of the Club’s activities for the year, was an event that couldn’t run short of perfection.

The theme for the club year 2017/18, was unanimously decided to be “Believe & Conquer.” With that in mind there was a script to be written, speeches to be whipped up, invitations to be sent out as well as decorations & the fellowship meal to be organized. With all the big & little tasks to completed, the anxious rotaractors behind the scenes were on pins & needles, hoping the evening would run smoothly.

Registrations for the rotaractors began at 6.00 pm. There was a lot of chatter as all the attendees of the different clubs joined together. A welcome dance troupe comprising of our very own club members were at the ready, to welcome the honored guests. Up until the guests arrived, it was almost as if it was another normal gathering of rotaractors.

The ceremony commenced with the lighting of the oil lamp by the dignitaries after which the installation was called to order by the our Sergeant-At-Arms Rtr. Ramitha Kalpana, followed by the university song, Flag Salutation, Rotaract Invocation, Four-Way Test & the Rotaract Song. One minute silence was observed for the fallen soldiers who have dedicated their lives to our Motherland.

Project Co-Chairperson, Rtr. Udeepa Hettiarachchi representing the project chairs, Rtr. Heshan Wijayagunawardena & Rtr. Salinda Samarakoon, welcomed the gathering on behalf of the organizing committee. The Secretary’s Report for the year 2017/18, delivered by Rtr. Lekangi Perera, Secretary for the Rotaract year 2016/17, took members, old & new, back to the days that were being depicted by pictures displayed on the video. While pictures speak a thousand words, nothing could replace the memories that were playing in the members’ minds, as they reminisced with nostalgia.

The first address for the event was by Chief Guest for the evening, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Major General I. P. Ranasinghe of General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, who showed clear pride & joy in seeing the club having risen to this height. Next we had the outgoing president, Rtr. Kushan Yapa address the gathering as he thanked his Board for a job well done & wished the best of luck to the incoming board. Afterwards, the collaring of the Incoming President of the Rotaract Club of KDU for the year 2017/18, Rtr. Ravindu Jayakody, took place, following a very descriptive & heartfelt introduction of the Incoming President given by Rtr. Ashenka de Silva, the Professional Development Director for the year 2017/18.

The address by Rtr. Ravindu Jayakody, touched upon how people can conquer anything if they just believe in themselves & put in the work with dedication. He emphasized how through our hard work we as a team & as one family will work together to conquer new obstacles & help our club reach greater heights further highlighting the club’s theme for the year 2017/18. Next on the agenda was the much awaited moment; the induction of the new Board. As each newly appointed Board members walked proudly onto the stage & accepted their badge of duty, there was a surge of support & applause from the audience.

After all the speeches, the audience clearly required a beat to uplift them, thereby leading the way for the first entertainment item performed by our very own members, to take the stage. Next came the address by the District Rotaract Representative (DRR) Past President Rtr. Anuradha Senanayake, who shared with all attendees’ wisdom & words of encouragement for all future endeavors. She was followed by the Rotary President, the beloved Rtn. T. Someswaran. Lastly but not least, we had an enlightening presentation by our guest, Andrew Samuels.

Following these enlightening words of wisdom bestowed upon us, the members of the club were again ready to ensnare the ears & soul of the audience. The second entertainment item for the evening was lead by none other than our very own newly inducted, Sergeant-At-Arms, Rtr. Ramitha.

While the formalities for the day drew to close & tokens of appreciation were handed out to pay tribute to the dignitaries for being present on this significant day, thereon opened the floor for felicitations from all the clubs present in the audience. The secretary for the years 2017/18, Rtr. Ranishka Ratnasekera, delivered the Vote of Thanks which was followed by the singing of the National Anthem, bringing the installation ceremony to a close.

The night however was still young for us young rotaractors. Needless to say, the next most anticipated affair for the night was the Refreshments & the Fellowship dinner. The dinner organized for all attendees with food & drinks, was enjoyed the most by the newly elected Board, as they finally relaxed & sat down to have a meal, having successfully watched their hard work pay off & the Installation Ceremony had perfectly come to an end. But little did they know, it was only just the beginning.

To quote the words of Rtr. Ravindu Jayakody, “Believe in yourself & what you thought was impossible, will be conquered.” I believe the Board & the members indeed outdid themselves, thinking outside the box & pulled off an amazing job, thereby putting into practice exactly what our President had in mind.

List of Board members of the Rotaract Club of General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University 2017/18.

President – Rtr. Ravindu Jayakody

Secretary – Rtr. Ranishka Ratnasekera

Vice Presidents (Chairpersons for the evening)

Rtr. Udeepa Hettiarachchi

Rtr. Heshan Wijayagunawardane

Rtr. Salinda Samarakoon

Asst. Secretary – Rtr. Hasani Gunasekara

Editor – Rtr. Chayangi Kannangara

Treasurer – Rtr. Chandula Wijeratne

Sergeant at arms – Rtr. Ramitha Kalpana

Community Service

Rtr. Harith Samarasinghe

Rtr. Senuri Gunetilleke

Club Service

Rtr. Rajith Samarasekara

Rtr. Rukmi Jayawardene


Rtr. Sammani Dunuwilla

Rtr. Shara Meedin

International Services

Rtr. Rushinie Ranasinge

Rtr. Gayeshan Jayasundara


Rtr. Kaveesha Erangith

Rtr. Devmin Abeyasena

Professional Development

Rtr. Ashenka de Silva

Rtr. Naduni Fonseka

Public Relations

Rtr. Malinthi Perera

Rtr. Raveen Fernando


Rtr. Pamoda Hettiarachchi

Rtr. Hiran Sameera

Membership Development

Rtr. Sandali Gurusinghe

Article by Editor, Rtr. Chayangi Kannangara 

Flavours from around the World ~ A Heart & Mind Satisfied

The Open Day of General Sir John Kotelawela Defence University marks a special day in the University’s annual calendar. It was held on the 9th of September with much grandeur at the university premises for the fourth consecutive year.

The Open Day is where the university takes pride in exhibiting what it has to offer for the young generation of Sri Lanka who habours skills, endeavors & brains. The day is all about showcasing the rare opportunity to study in a defence university, in a hassle free academic environment while gaining novel experience with civil & military undergraduates. This provides a great opportunity for those who are interested in pursuing their higher studies at KDU.
Apart from guidance & assistance given to visitors, there were also various events organized by the day-scholars & the cadet officers; out of which the; International Food Festival was one of the main attractions of the day which stole the spotlight. The International Food Festival is an International Service project organized by the Rotaract Club of the university, to build International Relations & cultural Understanding among the students of various cultures of the university.

This festival presented an opportunity for both local & foreign students to put up stalls with authentic cuisine & diverse delicacies from around the world. It provided a platform to showcase traditional food from their native countries. Which in turn provided an opportunity for everyone to take a trip around the world without the actual traveling.

Stalls covered countries such as the United Kingdom, Italy, the Middle East, Nepal, Arabia, India, Zambia & our very own Sri Lankan stalls. The air was filled with various alluring aromas that drew in many people, curious to try the exotic food that was displayed. An array food from fried arthropods such as caterpillars & cockroaches to comfort food like a good old slice of pizza & a plate of Naan with dhal curry to sizzling Kottu.
The Rotaract Club of General Sir John Kotelawela Defence University along with the rotaractors of the Allied Health Sciences Faculty, organized stalls with traditional Sri Lankan foods. A variety of street food along with healthy food were displayed respectively in each stall. Faculty of Allied Health (FAHS) were considerate on making certain those who had an early start without breakfast, didn’t roam around without a healthy start to a productive day providing Kadala & a healthy drink of Saruwath.
While the Rotaract Club stall, focused on giving the necessary action punch to kickstart what was going to be a tiring day indeed, with a mix of Sinhala Achcharu & Fresh Juice with an action station for Kottu- an ideal option for those who wonder around the exhibition- a quick fix of spicy takeaway to add a bounce to their step. Our rotaractors indeed showcased their culinary skills by producing mouthwatering irresistable portions of Kottu, which had the crowd coming asking for more. We did indeed have our masterchef moment.
All in all, the Open Day & the International Food Festival went hand-in-hand successfully & the goal of giving out knowledge & satisfaction of people were achieved. We hope to see you at the next International Food Festival to have your palates tingled & your cravings satisfied.

Article by Co-Editor, Rtr. Vibodha Rathnayake



Precaution & Prevention

The HIV-AIDS Prevention Program jointly organized by the Rotaract Club of General Sir John Kotelawala Defense University & our Parent Rotary Club, the Rotary Club of Colombo was held on the 31st of August 2017 within the university premises. We were graced by the presence of Consultant Venereologist, Dr. Sujatha Samarakoon, who conducted a very informative briefing about this growing epidemic.

The proceedings were started by the welcoming of the guests, by our president, Rtr. Ravindu & secretary, Rtr. Ranishka. As we waited for the rest of our audience to join us, our Rotary Parent Club president, Rtn. T. Someswaran, was introduced to the members present. It was a friendly round of introductions whereby he got to know each of the board members present & general members alike as he went around asking each & everyone’s name & the degree they were currently engaged in.

As the last of our audience filed in, our honored speaker, Dr. Samarakoon started her discussion. Her first order of business was to get everyone to introduce themselves & the degree they were following. Then she began by introducing us to the basics of HIV-AIDS. She touched on how the disease acts & once a patient is infected how to detect & the treatment process that follows. It was enlightening to know that the ways it can be transmitted weren’t as obvious as we thought. Those of us that had studied biology for science knew some factors but Dr. Sujatha clarified it further for us.

She further touched upon the situation in Sri Lanka & how prevalent it was. Since it is considered a sort of taboo still in our culture to converse about this disease so openly, she showed us a disparity in the statistics that were collected because she believed that many still had not come forward. One factor that was emphasized is that society needs to be educated on what exactly AIDS is & how they must get along with patients who have contracted it & not discriminate them. It must be noted though, due to most people receiving a sound education & deviating from the narrow-minded thinking of their ancestors, the situation in Sri Lanka has developed. Many youth are actively participating in educating their peers & taking the necessary precautions to be safe.

Past programs such as the one conducted in Monamurei, at a tea-estate & a famous international school in Colombo, has shown an improvement in people’s attitude towards this epidemic & how they are working towards helping those that need it & working towards its eradication. The symptoms & consequences after having contracted the disease was broadly elaborated on. The only treatment available so far is a prevention tablet which ensures the slowing down of the progress of the virus. There was also talk of a future project, currently being planned to be carried out in the Kalutara area, to educate youth just out of school.

Dr. Sujatha also touched on other sexually transmitted infections such as syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia etc. As she came to a close on her discussion she emphasized on the importance of prevention rather than treatment. The floor was then opened to questions & comments. Our attentive members asked questions in relation to measures taken by the government & the question led the way to talks of the legal ordinances available which were brought up by the large number of law students present. The discussion ended & as refreshments were being taken the audience mixed & mingled with our honored guest, Dr. Sujatha & the members of the Rotary. The session came to a successful close & the crowds dispersed with new knowledge to be shared among their friends & family.

Article by Co-Editor Chayangi Kannangara


The interactive gaming competition organized by the Rotaract Club of General Sir John Kotelawala Defense University came into play on the 21st of August 2017. It was open to all cadets & day-scholars alike, from inside the university who participated with eager enthusiasm. The game of choice was the very popular video gaming franchise, Call of Duty.

From day one onwards, there was an active crowd who had come to observe & cheer on the teams participating. The energy was clearly palpable as the people filed in to the IT lab where all the necessary preparations had taken place. Many had just come after lectures, some had taken some time off to practice & get their game face on while others had taken time off internships, such as our team from Intake 31, to come participate.

The proceedings were started off by our president, Rtr. Ravindu, welcoming the teams & introducing the chairpersons for the event. Then, Rtr. Malisha, one of the chairpersons, explained the rules of the game, how the point system will work & how the competition will carry on generally. Thereby, games on the first two days were carried out in the League format & on the last day it was in the Knockout style. There were 14 teams registered & waiting to prove themselves worthy & claim the cash prizes. The teams were divided into 4 groups such as Group A, B, C & D to make it so that the score-keepers can do their job easily. Further each team had 5 members. 

Day one, the teams from Group A & B battled it out to get their team into the quarter finals. While being intense, there were a few glitches that were faced by the organizers because of having to accommodate many laptops into one server but it all worked out in the end. The games started at 4.00 pm & carried on late into the evening. The IT lab was packed with many spectators, shouting out cheers every time a round was won & the battlecries of the players who kept screaming out strategies to their teammates. Despite having played their best, only 4 were able get into the quarter finals from both groups collectively amidst which our would be winners were present. Day one ended in a success.

Day two, teams from Group C & D went at each other with a much more intensity than day one. With twice as much spectators filling the IT lab, there was little to no space for anyone to move about. It was another intense day whereby although there were 2 less in the number of teams to play, there was still plenty of noise & many more spectators to cheer the teams on. It went on in the League style & even our chairpersons, Rtr. Hiran, Rtr. Gayeshan & Rtr. Malisha participated in their respective teams battling out each other in a style so focused, their faces, a mask of sheer determination, that no one dare disturbed them even with a cheer. Again the day ended with 4 teams from both groups collectively making it into the quarter finals. Another set of rounds successfully completed.

Day three, was a new day with new challenges for the organizers to ensure that the same teams did not fall into same categories to play against their previous opponents. The quarter finals were divided into 4 whereby 2 teams battled it out at a time. One significant entertaining game was in quarter final 2, by the team, Kandy Lamissiyo, whereby a teammate accidentally killed his own teammate, at least we hope it was accidental. It was also one of the most intense games whereby although one team seemed to be in the lead the opponent put up a play that was groundbreaking. Next the semifinals started, whereby it was divided into semifinal 1 & 2, which took place side by side: four teams became two.

After a small break, finally the most awaited round arrived: Finals. 2 talented teams had made it into the finals. One team was ‘Patta Noob’, an Intake 31 team & the other was a team that knew their way around well with computers, ‘No-One’ which consisted of our Intake 33 computer science tech-whizzes. The final round brought in many more spectators & the game finally commenced at 6.30 pm. The excitement & nerve-racking feeling of the respective supporters of each team could be felt clearly in the air & there was battle-music in the background to set the mood. At the end of the final round many people had bitten their nails off with the anticipation of which team will win since it was such a close call.

All the proceedings were brought to a close by our president Rtr. Ravindu giving the vote of thanks & handing over the stage to one of our vice-presidents, Cdt. Officer Rtr. Udeepa to announce the winners of the cash prizes for first place & second place. Second place was allocated to our tech-whizz team, ‘No-One’ & the winners of the competition was our expert team, ‘Patta Noob’ who were part of an international competition as well. Although the excitement of three days had come to an end, there was no calming down of the buzzing of the masses as they went their separate ways. 

Article by Co-Editor Rtr. Chayangi Kannangara 

The Grand Slam 🤛🏽

A Clean Up Campaign organized by the Rotaract Club of General Sir John Kotelawela Defense University supporting the Rotaract District Initiative, “Let’s Start with Us”, was held on the 5th of August 2017, covering the university perimeter & its surrounding neighborhood. The campaign conducted was more about helping wipe out Dengue, which has bared it ugly face recently, proving to be a huge epidemic in the country than just about cleaning up. “The Grand Slam”, was initiated as a step to help eradicate the fatal disease & to demonstrate that even the smallest of actions could result in the greatest reaction. 
All the action thus started at 10 am in the university premises. Our Secretary, Rtr. Ranishka, initiated a 2 minutes silence in memory of the lives lost to Dengue & was followed by Dr. Ellawala who addressed the gathering with the agenda for the day; elaborating on how the teams should be divided, how the garbage should be disposed & how many teams per lane should be allocated. With the assistance of health workers & the health inspector, Mr. Caldera, ten groups of three, were sent from door to door, examining houses. Each group was guided carefully with the assistance of a health worker. 
A PR campaign was then dispatched to explain to the house owners, how dengue can breed, effects of dengue & how it can be prevented. Accordingly leaflets on the disease & its prevention were distributed by both health workers & the PR team.

Ten groups of six, a mix of Cadets & Day-Scholars, started from 1st Lane to 7th Lane between Kandawala Road to Borupana Road. While the other started from the top of Borupana Road, everyone literally getting down & dirty, jumping down into drains & beating around overgrown weeds. 

After a much productive morning, the time arrived for the lunch break, where refreshments for the tired were distributed. Special thanks goes out to KDU & everyone who made snacks for the generous contributions.

The project carried on as planned after lunch, even among the gloomy skies looming overhead didn’t stop our enthusiastic members & helpers from working. As the rain started to fall it was almost like showers from above because neither did anyone complain nor did the work stop.

With the assistance of the Municipal Council of Mount, garbage was disposed into the trucks, rest assured not to leave any behind. The campaign came to a successful end as we watched each other actively engage, cooperate & work hand-in-hand to achieve a greater cause with determination & splendid team work. 

The success of the campaign would not have been possible if not for the assistance rendered to the club by the Ministry of Health, Municipal Council of Mount, Sri Lanka Police & KDU themselves. We take the opportunity to thank everyone who took time off of their Saturday in & joined in helping us to clear out a Dengue prone area, contributing to the protection of the public.

Link for more photos of a very productive & fun filled day:

Article by Co- Editor, Rtr. Vibodha Rathnayake 


On the second meeting of our new Rotaract year, we had more than a surprising increase in number of new members. What started out as a seemingly normal meeting had a few pleasant surprises in store for all of us.
Firstly, we had a rather young guest from the States. Interactor Sethmi Dharmasiri, from the Interact Club of San Mateo High School, California, informed us about her Interact club and the various projects her club has been a part of. It was inspiring to hear that they have, as such young members, participated in worldwide projects that have a large impact.

Afterwards, Our Secretary, Rtr. Ranishka, opened the floor to our two Professional Development directors, Rtr. Ashenka and Rtr. Naduni to introduce the fun they had planned: to help all the members get together and have a fun time while getting to know each other and break the ice.

The first ice breaker was something that had us all jumping through hoops. Members were divided into teams of twelve into five groups. It started out by members having to pass a hula-hoop which they had to be jumping through, all the while holding hands. This tested the skill of agility and being able to coordinate well with the other person to work to achieve a common goal. We had quite a few tall, well-built boys, who had an interesting way of getting through the loop or rather making sure that the loop didn’t completely overpower them. The first group to finish leaping through the hoops was indeed our IPP Rtr. Kushan Yapa’s team which was indicated by a very loud roar of victory from himself followed by his team.
Secondly, we had an interesting game of Pop the Balloon. There was a small catch- you had to run to the chair placed at the end and sit on the balloon to pop it. Those of us who didn’t participate were in fits of laughter all through out. Some members were very forceful in sitting down and popping the balloon while some were less forceful and were left floating awkwardly on the chair trying. One we noticed specifically was our Membership Development director Rtr. Sandali.
The third but last ice breaker for the day had to be on volunteer basis due to an influx of members that day. There volunteered the eager innocents who had no idea what they were getting themselves into as they were being blindfolded. After being blindfolded and placed in a circle of chairs blocking their movement to just half a circle, they were told balloons will be released into this space and they would have to pop them. As soon as the game started there was popping almost immediately but not by those within the circle. The little factor our organizers kept from themselves was, the balloons won’t actually be given to them but be popped by our remaining members outside the circle. The innocent members were all left wandering around, trying to find these balloons that were being mysteriously popped seemingly by the other players. After the blindfolds came off, they all had a laugh because some had even come out of the circle of chairs in their drive to find the balloons and win.
As the meeting adjourned, the members, old and new, among goodbyes being thrown around, there was talk of a great time they had and how glad they were they had joined the Rotaract family. 

Article by Co-Editor Rtr. Chayangi Kannangara

Rotaract Year & New Beginnings

The Rotaract Club of General Sir John Kotelawela Defense University calls upon its members to a special meeting on the 5th of July 2017.

With another spectacular Rotaract year coming to a close, it was time again to renew the oaths, goals and memories, as a set of enthusiastic Rotaractors awaited to be assigned their appointments in the committee to kick start a new Rotaract year.
The meeting was held, in the most humbling manner, amidst its old and new members, within the university premises, where as a tradition, the meeting was initiated with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Nation and Rotaract Invocation given by the gathering. It was started off by the Immediate Past President, Rtr. Kushan Yapa, recapping briefly, the club’s events and activities which were conducted in the past Rotaract year; reminiscing the glory of the club’s accomplishments. Special recognition was given to the club’s signature project KUDA OYA, as well as many other significant projects such as BURN, CURE, #EMPOWER etc. The Immediate Past Secretary, Rtr. Lekangi Perera, joined in to extend gratitude to the hard-working club members for their support and contribution to the projects, as well as to extend her well wishes to the newly appointed commitee.

The outgoing president then passed off the gavel to his successor, Rtr. Ravindu Jayakody, to take over the responsibility of guiding and leading the new committee into another exciting year of dedicated service and fellowship to the community. Soon after followed by the introduction of the new Secretary, Rtr. Ranishka Ratnasekara. Amidst all formalities, there occurred a light-hearted moment as Hasani Gunasekara, Director for Professional Development for the previous year, took a few minutes to deliver an account of how wonderful it had been to work hand in hand with the IPP and his committee.

Finally, most anticipated moment of the meeting had arrived- appointment of the executive committee and the board members. The following members were entrusted to take upon duties and responsibilities of the club, as the newly appointed President announced:-

Vice-President: – Salinda Samarakoon
Vice-President: – Cadet Officer Udeepa Hettiarachchi
Vice-President: – Heshan Wijayagunawardane
Assistant Secretary: – Hasani Gunasekara
Editor: – Chayangi Kannangara
Editor: – Vibodha Rathnayake
Sergeant-at-Arms: – Ramitha Miyuranga
Directors for Club Service: – Rukmi Jayawardane, Rajith Samarasekara
Directors for Community Service: – Harith Samarasinghe, Senuri Gunetilleke
Directors for Public Relations: – Malinthi Perera, Raveen Fernando
Directors for Finance: – Sammani Dunuwila, Shara Meedin
Directors of IT: –  Kaveesha Erangith, Lahiru Attanayake
Directors for Membership Development: – Sandali Gurusinghe
Directors of Professional Development: –  Ashenka de Silva, Naduni Fonseka
Directors of Sports: – Pamoda Hettiarachchi, Hiran Sameera
Directors for International Relations: –  Rushinie Ranasinghe, Gayeshan Jayasundera.

There was a clear-cut support felt in the air emanating from the crowd of members present towards the newly appointed committee.
Both IPP and IPS, for their immense service and dedication to the club, were given tokens of appreciation and was once again congratulated for completing the past Rotaract year with much grandeur and success. Thereafter, the meeting was conducted as usual as the newly appointed President laid out future plans and briefed on the upcoming events while encouraging the members to expand the club membership and delivering uplifting words of inspiration to the appointed committee members.
The meeting was thus successfully concluded as the gathering scattered with hearts content and their minds’ wheels already turning with creative plans for the future.

Article by Co-Editor Rtr. Vibodha Rathnayake


Project C.U.R.E BnS Up-Close and Personal Concert

The Musical Concert led by Bathiya and Santhush was the first time in which a Rotaract Club of District 3220 organized such an event as the “BnS- Up-close and Personal concert.” The concert which took place on the 3rd of May 2017 at the BMICH.
A warm night breeze hung thick over Colombo that night. Despite the heat and the fatigue that comes with it after a tiring day of work and university lectures, hundreds of people both young and old scurried into the hall eager for the show to begin. They came anticipating an evening of fine music and entertainment. This was the Big Concert: the phase 2 of the project C.U.R.E.
The evening brought big news too: the Rotaractors of KDU were ecstatic to find out five minutes before the show that they were left with a mere 20 tickets to sell! The members had worked tirelessly for months on end to ensure that the funds necessary to complete the project C.U.R.E would be collected, and there hard was duly rewarded. It was just a matter of sitting backstage, relaxing and enjoying the show.
Bathiya and Santhush need no special introduction. The reaction of the crowd when the curtains were drawn spoke volumes on how successful the concert would be. From beginning to end the audience sang along to the songs of old and new, while the audience in the balcony wasted no time sitting as they danced along to the tunes and beats that were all too familiar. The energy resonating throughout the concert was truly spectacular and was felt immensely by the performers on stage who couldn’t help but notice what a great time the crowd was having.
Randhir, Umariya, Bathiya, Santhush and Ashanthi lit up the stage with their lively performances and talent, bringing on an encore at the end of each and every song, keeping the audience on their feet dancing the night away.
The concert was a success and needless to say it ended up carrying on for an additional half hour as the artists couldn’t get enough of the vibrant audience.
The B n S concert which was organized as a “vision to action” initiative in order to raise funds for the Thalassemia project C.U.R.E has been one of the biggest and most successful fundraiser organized by the Rotaract Club of KDU.

Article by Co Editor Rtr.Shenelle Perera.