Kuda Oya- for adventure lovers

Kuda Oya- it’s back.

The signature professional development project of rotaract club of KDU.

This is the third successful time that we are organizing this adventure – bound leadership training camp for the rotaractors who love the thrill of rock climbing, aerial rope, rappelling tower and many more adventurous activities!

A camp for two days and two nights- of course winding up the sessions of the day around the mandatory camp fire 😀  (yes you can bring marshmallows to roast)

For those who havn’t joined us before – The Commandos Regiment Training School located in Uva province, Kuda Oya is a premier specialized training institution in Sri Lanka operating with the aim of producing highly skilled, professionally developed and morally strong commmandos for the Sri Lankan militray, who are usually recruited in special missions and tasks. Thus, a number of courses that prepare the commandos for jungle warfare, air warfare etc… are facilitated within the camp. You’ll get to embrace two days of the life of a commando.

So don’t miss the chance to join with us this time 🙂

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Scheduled dates: Departure – 4th of December , Arriving back on – 6th of December

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