Year end nostalgia!

It is one of those moments when the mundane saying ‘time flies’ actually makes sense. If you take a minute to take a quick look back at the pace of one year that lies right behind you, you will notice that you have changed, you have become more matured, become more confident, grown your social networks, grown taller or grown fatter 😛

So have we, as a club.

The Rotaract Club of KDU is about to complete its third year and altogether step into a brand new Rotaract Year with the rest of the fellow clubs. Looking back at the past Rotaract year, we have gained more experience, learnt and embraced the Rotaract culture, made new friends, ridden a few roller coaster rides, gathered more passionate souls and literally grown fatter.

Still belonging to the infant category in Rotaract, judging by how old our club is of course, it is with pride that we reminisce how we were able to bring new projects into being and improve our signature projects at the same time. This calls for a little nostalgic paragraph and here we go.

Ok so we started the year with the installation as usual and the accompanying kottu and hoppers dinner and loads and loads of photographs. Then we went to Galle for ‘Sisu Saviya’ book donation. It was truly an amazing trip and bet you still can remember the tickles of the fish therapy. Not to forget the coolest boat rides and the fascinating sundaes.

Then there was the time when we visited the zoo. The singing sessions we had with the kids at St. Anthony’s Children’s Home, Mount Lavinia. They were so good at it! We also did a project at the Welikada Prison with RC ANC and we hope everybody enjoyed it 🙂

A big throwback to the amazing project Kuda Oya and a big shout out to everybody who dared to take part in it. It was indeed a great pleasure to have been able to extend the opportunity to as many Rotaractors from fellow clubs as possible and we know that each and everybody who took part in it already have a separate folder in their minds with the memories of all the adventures they came across. The third successful time of holding Chronicles of Navam and parading through the procession for two nights was enjoyable too. Among other projects also lies BURN: the three on three we pulled off as first timers and which ended up as a major fundraiser of the club.

Emerging as unbeaten champions at RCL set up our spirits higher!

Amidst all the fun and frolic, it was exceptional how the members acted promptly during the flood period this year and collected aid for the affected. The Down Syndrome Day art competition turned out to be a huge success too 🙂

There were more projects that ended up quite successful and the above were only the highlights. It is with great happiness and satisfaction that we are getting ready to step into the brand new Rotaract year of 2016/17.

Meanwhile, the blog also turns one!  :’)

Fingers crossed for a happening year to come round the corner!

Article by Rtr. Thamalee Wijekoon

Outgoing Editress 🙂